December 02, 2015

A behind the scenes look at the making of our GeekWire ‘Seattle 10′ napkin

We mentioned previously that GeekWire and a panel of Seattle’s top startup leaders selected Algorithmia as one of the 10 most promising startups in Seattle – an incredible honor to say the least. As part of this award, we were asked to translate our business onto a giant six-foot by six-foot cocktail napkin, which will be unveiled tonight to the public at the annual GeekWire Gala at the Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI)

We’re pretty excited with our napkin, and wanted to offer a sneak peek to readers. The napkin was designed by our developer evangelist, Liz Rush, who also happens to enjoy cartooning in her spare time. 

The concept started as a sketch with the different types of personas (users) that benefit from Algorithmia, and a mission statement: “Algorithmia: Bringing together organizations, academics, researchers, hackers, and engineers to unlock the power of algorithms in an accessible, open marketplace.”


We wanted to include the Algorithmia binary tree logo, punch up the mission statement, and move the design more toward a printed circuit board look:


Getting better! Something was missing, though… one of us had “a ridiculous idea to write the text the way you’d call an algorithm in Python.”


Thankfully, somebody knows some Python around here. Our CTO Kenny Daniel straightened things out:


There we go. The final napkin turned out great. We’re most excited about how we communicate the idea that Algorithmia enables developers to create tomorrow’s smart applications today in a first-of-its-kind marketplace for algorithms, which unlocks the building blocks of human intelligence, and provides access to world class scientific research and artificial intelligence in five lines of code or less.


Click the video below for a time-lapse version of the cocktail napkin design process!

Oh, and we even created the algorithm Purpose, which takes an array of your users as a string, and returns the purpose for your organization. Try it for yourself here.

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