November 10, 2016

Announcing Git Support For Algorithm Development

Develop algorithms with GitWe’re pleased to announce that Algorithmia supports Git for algorithm development. Now, when developing an algorithm, you have the option to work locally in your preferred code editor.

Simply git clone your algorithm and start working in the environment you’re comfortable with. Here's documentation for using Algorithmia and Git. You’ll continue to have access to Algorithmia's development features, like data collections, permissions, and dependency management.

When you’re ready, git push your work directly to Algorithmia, where it is automatically turned into a scalable microservice.

Our mission is to make state-of-the-art algorithms accessible and discoverable by everyone. When writing an algorithm, you should be able to work in the language you want. We have clients for Java, Scala, Python, JavaScript, Node.js, Ruby, RRust, and more.

Your work should also be easy to find through search, tagging, and suggestions. But the accessibility and discovery doesn't matter if we don’t fit your existing development workflow.

Our team uses Git everyday and making this workflow available to the Algorithmia development community was a no-brainer.

Find all the documentation for using Algorithmia and Git in our Developers Center.

What’s Supported?

  • Cloning your algorithm’s Git repo
  • Commit changes
  • Push and compile your algorithm
  • Test changes from the command line using the Algorithmia CLI

We’re Listening

Algorithmia is a community and we want to deliver the experiences you need to develop successful algorithms.

We want your ideas and feedback to improve Algorithmia. Let us know what you think. You can always find us on Twitter @Algorithmia.

Matt Kiser

Matt Kiser

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