November 12, 2015

DubHacks Spotlight: duo&chill Helps League of Legend Players Meet IRL


Algorithmia was on-hand at the second-annual DubHacks hackathon last month, the largest collegiate hackathon in the Pacific Northwest. Over 600 student developers and designers flocked to the University of Washington in Seattle campus to form teams, build projects, and create solutions to real-world problems.

duo&chill wanted to build a better League of Legend community that matches players locally, so they could connect in real life. The team of Evan FrawleyElizabeth DuongStephen Rimbakusumo, and Ricky Chai put together the hack. We spoke with Evan Frawley to learn more about their project.

What was the inspiration for duo&chill?

“We are all passionate about League of Legends, with three of us being active leaders in the League of Legends club on campus. One of our main pain points in the past year has been fostering a community among our members outside of the game itself. Frequently, players engage others online, but are never able to put a face to the Summoner name. duo&chill encourages and incentivizes players to leave the comfort of their home and establish an organic relationship with around a shared passion: League of Legends.”

How did you build this hack?

“We thought that the best way to approach this problem would be through a web service. We wanted a simple, easy to navigate and use interface that was also visually appealing. To do this, we utilized Angular.js, as well as a Python backend, and Google’s Firebase platform for our database.

“To access the user’s location, we requested the device’s location services with geolocation from those devices. After getting the geolocation and snagging the user’s longitude and latitude, we plotted their location on an embedded Bing Map.

“For users to see the other users that were in the area, we used the Lat Long algorithm from Algorithmia that took two geolocation points and returned the distance between the two in miles. Then, we used the Python back end to talk to Riot Games’ API to acces the user’s player information, which included various images and information about them from League of Legends. Finally, we utilized Amazon Web Services to host the actual site.”

What’s next for duo&chill?

“We definitely want to finish all of the functionalities that we planned for duo&chill, and then ship the final product to help relieve the pain points that we are experiencing in the League of Legends club on campus. Ideally, we would integrate this service into our other community projects to help create a more distinct and healthy gaming culture at the University of Washington.”

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Matt Kiser

Matt Kiser

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