December 13, 2016

Emergent // Future: AMD Takes On NVIDIA, Recapping NIPS, and More

Emergent Future NIPS NVIDIA and AMDIssue 34
This week we look at
AMD's effort to take on NVIDIA in the high performance computing space, recap what happened at NIPS2016, and highlight the best things to read that explore technology through the lens of artificial intelligence, data science, and the shape of things to come.

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AMD’s finally getting into the high performance computing market with their new Radeon Instinct.  

The new chip is a combined hardware and software stack aimed at taking on NVIDIA in the server market for deep learning, machine learning, and neural networking tasks.

The Radeon Instinct will be available in the first half of 2017.

AMD already owns the graphics chips in PlayStation 4, Wii U, and the Xbox One, but rumors are swirling that Intel may also use AMD GPUs to challenge NVIDIA's rising power.

Recapping NIPS 2016

The Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) Foundationwrapped up their annual conference in Barcelona last weekend.

The big news to spill out is that Apple is going to start publishing their AI research.

NVIDIA and Yann LeCun announced a toolkit for teaching deep learning at the university level.

Plus, both DeepMind and OpenAI open sourced their platforms for measuring and training AI.

Missed NIPS? Don’t worry. We’ve got the deck from Yann LeCun’s presentation on Predictive Learning, and the Andrew Ng deck for Building AI Applications Using Deep Learning. Plus, the NIPS 2016 spotlight videos.

What We're Reading

  • Inside Peter Thiel’s Genius Factory. The Thiel Fellowship was created to prove that a college degree doesn’t matter. It became one of the most elite credentials for young entrepreneurs. (Backchannel)
  • Magic Leap -- Separating Magic and Reality. Magic Leap has a way of talking about what they hope to do someday and not necessarily what they can do anytime soon. (Karl Guttag on Technology)
  • Lunch with the FT: Marc Andreessen. The Netscape founder and tech investor talks about the trouble with stock markets, what he looks for in entrepreneurs and why illegal immigration is good for America (The Financial Times)
  • Snapchat isn't disappearing. Get used to it. This isn't just another social network. It's an iconic moment in the history of youth culture. (CNET)
  • How ‘Amazon Go’ works. The technology behind the online retailer’s groundbreaking new grocery store uses RFID to detect when a shopper takes an item from the shelf, and then syncs the data to a handheld device. (GeekWire)
  • Searching for Lost Knowledge in the Age of Intelligent Machines. As search engines are radically reinvented, computers and people are becoming partners in exploration. (The Atlantic)
  • Technology, jobs, and the future of work. Automation, digital platforms, and other innovations are changing the fundamental nature of work. Understanding these shifts can help policy makers, business leaders, and workers move forward. (McKinsey)
  • At Sundar Pichai's Google, AI Is Everything—And Everywhere. A year into his tenure as CEO of Google, the low-key leader talks about what the company is, where it’s going, and how it gets things done. (Fast Company)
  • Artificial Intelligence May Change the Face of Business.It’s going to improve not only how business is done, but the kind of work we do – and unleash new levels of creativity and ingenuity. (Techonomy)
  • AI Winter Isn’t Coming. Despite plenty of hype and frantic investment, a leading artificial intelligence expert says hardware advances will keep AI breakthroughs coming. (MIT Technology Review)
  • Wired founder Kevin Kelly on letting go of AI anxiety. How machines and humans together will transform the future of work/ (Slack)
  • The Public Policy Implications of Artificial Intelligence. An interview with Jack Clark from OpenAi about its mission is to build safe AI, and ensure AI’s benefits are as widely and evenly distributed as possible. (Initialized Capital)

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