October 19, 2016

Emergent // Future Weekly: Preparing for Our AI Future, Smarter Smartphones, Self-Driving Cars

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We're back after a week off the grid. This week we look at how Obama is
preparing for the future of AI, how AI assistants are adding the "smart" to smartphones, check in on self-driving cars and other emergent transportation tech, and we take a mulligan on Notes from the Frontier this week -- Sorry!

And, per usual, our top projects to try at home, and favorite articles from the past week are down at the bottom. 

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Preparing for the Future of AI ⚡️

You Might Have Heard: President Obama sat down with MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito and WIRED to talk about neural nets, self-driving cars, and the future of the world.

In this must read interview Obama and Ito discuss how AI will shape our world over the next 50 years more than any other single technology.

But Did You Know? The Obama Administration releasedPreparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence, a report focused on the opportunities, considerations, and challenges of artificial intelligence on society.

The new report coincided with the White House Frontiers Conference in Pittsburgh, where some of the world’s top innovators came together to discuss how science and technology can help improve lives, such as using machine learning to build intelligent traffic systems, improve medical diagnoses, and protect wildlife.

Worried about your job? Don’t be. While artificial intelligence will kill some jobs, it’ll create others.

ALSO: Obama challenged America to send humans to Mars by the 2030s, and safely return them to Earth, with the ultimate ambition to one day make human settlement of space a reality.

That sounds vaguely familiar to Elon Musk's plans.

AI Assistants

Google aims to win the AI revolution by building a personal assistant into everything.

Tim Cook, meanwhile, says the iPhone's future is in AI, which is why Apple's hired a prominent artificial intelligence researcher from Carnegie Mellon University.

Apple’s penchant for secrecy has burdened efforts to improve their AI offerings and hire the best talent. Researchers in the field like to publish their findings, something Apple has historically frowned upon.

Walt Mossberg says Apple wasted its lead with Siri and now has an intelligent assistant that is too limited and unreliable to be an effective tool in coming AI wars.

It’s a bit ironic then that Samsung recently acquired Viv, the next-gen AI assistant built by the creators of Apple’s Siri.

In the end, the only difference between the next generation of smartphones will be their AI assistants.

Department of Self-Driving Cars

Apple's car team has a late 2017 deadline to prove feasibility of their self-driving system.

The project has endured numerous shakeups, job cuts, departures, and strategy disagreements..

While Apple’s car failure looks like a bad sign for Apple, it actually isn’t.

In Other News Transportation News:

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