September 14, 2017

Find the Best Social-Share Image with Social Media Image Recommender

When you share your carefully-curated content on social media, you want to ensure it reaches as much of your audience as possible. One important part of this process is picking an amazing image to include in that post. That's why we created the Social Media Image Recommender, an algorithm which looks through your article's text and images, and tells you which picture you should use when sharing your post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other social network. As a bonus, it also smart-resizes your image to the correct size for social sharing, keeping the most important elements in the frame and discarding unimportant background, thanks to the magic of deep learning and machine vision.

Want to jump right in and try it out yourself? Check out our Image Recommender Demo! Like it? Sign up and integrate the Image Recommender Algorithm into your digital workflow to process thousands of articles every hour, and supercharge your content publishing pipeline!

Jon Peck

Jon Peck

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