May 17, 2016

IDC Innovators Report Names Algorithmia a Platform as a Service (PaaS) Pioneer

Algorithmia earns IDC Innovators Report 2016 Platform as a Service Recognition

Algorithmia is excited to announce that we’ve been selected as one of the top five worldwide pioneers in the platform as a service market by International Data Corporation (IDC).

The recent IDC Innovators Report evaluates startups under $50 million in revenue based on their inventive technologies, and groundbreaking business models.

At Algorithmia, we’re creating an open marketplace for algorithms and algorithm development, where developers can turn code into the building blocks needed to create, share, and remix algorithmic intelligence at scale.

"Algorithms are being developed all the time, but they’re not getting into the hands of the people and applications that could benefit from them the most,” Diego Oppenheimer said, founder and CEO of Algorithmia.

Algorithms are crucial in the modern technology economy as companies look to create intelligent applications from their data, and Algorithmia solves this by making state-of-the-art algorithms accessible and discoverable by everyone — not just those that work at top-five global technology companies.

"Rapid growth and the availability of low-cost cloud infrastructure is bringing new challenges to outdated business models by startups building innovative solutions challenging legacy businesses,” Larry Carvalho said, IDC research manager, platform as a service. “A new set of easily consumable cloud services is accelerating the ability to build and deliver new functionality.”

Other companies mentioned in the IDC Innovators Report include Reltio, CloudMunch, Kismatic, and

Matt Kiser

Matt Kiser

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