November 15, 2017

Advanced Algorithm Design

We host more than 4000 algorithms for over 50k developers. Here is a list of best practices we've identified for designing advanced algorithms. We hope this can help you and your team.

November 09, 2017

Chatbot Workshop at Seattle's Building Intelligent Applications Meetup

Recently Jon Peck, who is a Software Engineer and Developer Evangelist at Algorithmia, wrote a fun post on how to get an emotionally aware chatbot up and running in about 15 minutes.

In this hands-on micro workshop, Jon will show you how to create a chatbot using Dexter, a company that makes...

November 08, 2017

Bring Deep Learning to iOS and Android

We've all read about machine learning in the headlines, but many iOS and Android developers haven't made the leap to integrating machine learning intelligence into their applications. This is partly due to the time commitment needed to learn enough statistics to understand the math behind the...

October 31, 2017

Making Algorithms Discoverable and Composable

Just like a music producer creates a beat, then combines it with instrumentals and a baseline to form something catchy that lyrics can be applied to... developers need a way to compose algorithms together in a clean and elegant way.

Whether you’re creating a sentiment analysis pipeline for your...

October 26, 2017

Deep Dive into Object Detection with Open Images, using Tensorflow

The new Open Images dataset gives us everything we need to train computer vision models, and just happens to be perfect for a demo! Tensorflow's Object Detection API and its ability to handle large volumes of data make it a perfect choice, so let's jump right in...

October 19, 2017

Adding multilingual support to any algorithm: pre-translation in NLP

We often get asked about if we're planning on adding any non-English NLP algorithms. As much as we would love to train NLP models on other languages, there aren't many usable training datasets in these languages. And, due to the linguistic structure of these languages, training with pre-existing...

October 09, 2017

Incorporating Datasets from in your Algorithms

We are happy to share a new set of algorithms from our partner  If you aren’t familiar with, they have an amazing marketplace of datasets available covering the wide spectrum of what’s available.  I can’t think of a better pairing for the datasets than with the...

September 30, 2017

Build an Emotionally-Aware Chatbot in 15 Minutes

Chatbots offer a useful way to leverage the power of AI, and are now accessible for any size of application. The back-and-forth written nature of chatting is conducive to utilizing existing chatbot frameworks and AI models to automate interactions which would have required a whole team of agents...

September 22, 2017

Meet the Algorithmia Team at the Strata Data Conference in NYC, September 26-28, 2017

September 21, 2017

Introduction to Character Recognition

This is easy to understand, right?

How about this? A bit harder?

Are you able to decipher this one at all?

courtesy of Faris Algosaibi

The first example can be easily recognized by most character recognition algorithms. However, as your text gets progressively more complex, this seemingly simple...

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