September 29, 2016

September 2016 Newsletter: Need Some AI? Yeah, There’s a Marketplace for That

We're excited to share that WIRED featured Algorithmia in an article earlier this month that looked at our efforts to democratize access to AI.

From the Blog
This month we show you how to build a Slack chatbot to analyze the sentiment of a channel, create a tool that finds broken links, learn how to solve FizzBuzz using machine learning, and the easiest way to crawl and scrape every page from a domain.

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Algorithmia WIRED article

Need Some AI? Yeah, There’s a Marketplace for That

Algorithmia offers working algorithms designed to slot right into new services. “Maybe the future was already invented,” Oppenheimer says. “It’s just stuck in academic papers.” Read more

slack-chatbot-appBuild a Sentiment Analysis Slack Chatbot in Python

Keep your team happy with a Slack chatbot that monitors the sentiment of messages, and gently reminds users to be nicer in the future. Read more

404 Not Found Broken Links ReportHow to Find Broken Links and Email Yourself a 404 Not Found Report

Learn how to use the 404 Error Scanner microservice to crawl through every page on your website, and automatically generate an email report. Read more

Using machine learning to solve FizzBuzzHow to Solve FizzBuzz Using Machine Learning

Here's a quick tutorial for creating an API to solve FizzBuzz, using scikit-learn, and Algorithmia to host the machine learning mode. Read more

Crawling, Scraping, and Analyzing Entire Websites in PythonWeb Scraping with Python: How To Crawl, Scrape, and Analyze URLs

Generate structured data with web scraping. This guide will teach you how to crawl, scrape, and analyze websites in less than 50-lines of Python. Read more

Featured Algorithms

404 Error Scanner – A microservice makes finding and fixing broken links easy.
Why You Need It: Identify link rot on your site, improve search engine rankings, and provide a positive experience to users and customers. Get it here

Analyze URL – Extract structured data from web sites using.
Why You Need It: The easiest way to scrape metadata from any URL. Get it here

LDA – Identify a list of topics and keywords from a document.
Why You Need It: Automatically find the relevant topics in unstructured text data. Get it here

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–Matt from Algorithmia


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Matt Kiser

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